Don’t Nip…Don’t Tuck…


I absolutely LOVE when I check the mail and the latest issue of Time Magazine has arrived. In a world of iphones and tweets, I find comfort in turning its pages to read current event articles.

That said, I was moved by a recent one titled, “Nip, Tuck, Or Else.”

While reading the thought provoking article on the evolution of plastic surgery, I was both terribly aggravated and totally curious. It seems that nipping, tucking, augmentation, fillers et al have become as commonplace as getting your hair highlighted. What’s next? “Brush, floss, Botox?”

When I was a young girl, plastic surgery was something for the elite few. In fact, I didn’t personally know anyone who had gone under the knife or had any other type of cosmetic procedure. I remember thinking it was all very glamorous and exclusive and I wondered what it must be like to be able to have help becoming perfect.

Today I have an entirely different understanding of “perfect.” I flip flop between “Of course there’s no such thing as ‘perfect'” and “Duh, I already am!” As a society, I believe we are in big trouble when we are looking for ways to change who we are to conform to some media set standards of perfection that aren’t real anyway.

Ladies (and gentlemen too according to the article) “Don’t Do It.” Please, hold on to your individuality. Clutch and grab hold of your God-given bone structure, nose, chin, breasts and all. Cling for dear life to your authenticity. Because, if you don’t you may never be able to get back to it. Just where will you stop once you get started? Where can you U-turn? Or can you? If you are of the mindset that one tweak is good, how many will be best?

I can’t deny it. Over the years I had fleeting thoughts that perhaps I should have gotten a lil help filling in my brassiere or the creases in my cheeks, but thankfully I have done neither. When I look in the mirror today, what I see is a unique and lovely woman. One who is utterly herself and a one of a kind original. Yes, the lines on my face are deep, but they are earned. They have been put in place over years of belly laughing and sometimes crying with those I love and value. There is a bit of loose skin on my thighs, mostly because my life is so full I don’t have much time to exercise these days. But today, I am fine with that. I have earned the right to honor all of my perfect imperfections and simply be ME. Exactly who I am, wear and tear and all.

Won’t you join me by not buying in? By staying yourself too? Together we can make a difference by disregarding impossible standards that are nothing more than setups. We can be completely and exactly who we were intended to be and possibly show others that it’s OK to do the same and not cave to the pressures around every corner to be “perfect.” One dictionary defines “perfect” as: “having all the required or desirable elements, qualities or characteristics; making something free from defects; absolute; as good as it is possible to be.” So, maybe it can be that simple. If each one of us begins today to be and stay absolute in our skin, to be as fabulous as we already are in our individual way with our inherent looks, style, shape and form, think of how different the world would be.

Want to start with me and give it a try? How about a “Let’s Be Authentic” revolution? Why not? There’s nothing to lose, except possibly ourselves if we don’t.

~ Honoring Where Love Comes From ~

In a prior blog I wrote about not getting stuck in frustration because love isn’t coming from where you think it should and honoring where it is coming from.

That hit home for me today. I was loved and honored. I was validated and reminded that all is right and good in my world today. I was not judged, not even for an instant and I was set free from a crippling need to be right in a situation that was not mine to be right in. I was heard and was told that we all sometimes are afraid and we all make mistakes once in awhile. I was guided back to my core of serenity – gently, gracefully and patiently and reminded to have gratitude for how much I have and how far I have come.

I was Loved.

Once again today I was gently nudged by my soul sister, nudged to look towards the direction of God’s arms which were wide open and ready to embrace me. And ever so graciously, I was told that because I overlooked that they were also wide open yesterday, and I forgot to be grateful then, it doesn’t mean I failed.

I was Honored.

When I shared that yesterday’s truth was shadowed in an instant and triggers rose so rapidly that everything I know to be real and true and good was negated, I was told that “it’s OK.” After speaking about my need to be protected, winning over proof that there was nothing to be protected from, I received a smile and a nod of understanding. And when I expressed that I forgot to remember that we are all doing the best we can and already are perfect in the eyes of our Creator, I was reminded that “I am human.” I was shown very gently, that I do not today, or ever have to apologize for stumbling, because we all do sometimes.

I was Validated.

After sharing that sometimes what I “feel” seems so true, even though I know that “feelings aren’t facts,” we were able to chuckle. And confiding that “somewhere deep down in the recesses beyond my need to be right,” I know that I am often wrong,” provided us with a belly laugh. Then, when I asked why these feelings, these emotions sometimes become so palpable that they take over, I was offered a hug. And in the next moment I was thanked for a time long before today, when I had been able to love, to honor and to validate my beautiful soul sister in the same way she was doing for me today. A time when I was remembering all the good things there are to remember and was grateful. A time where I wasn’t forgetting.

And all of that, to me, is Love. The listening, the hearing, the speaking, the laughter, the hugs, the tears and the smiles. The sharing, the reminding, the hard truth, the soft landings, the back and forth and the taking turns with all of it. And right now I am focused on where I got this Love from today and not on where I didn’t get it from yesterday because of all the human-ness that got in the way.

And now I know, again, until I forget and need another reminder, that if or when I become stuck in “how something makes me feel” so rapidly that everything else falls away, I will get through. And if my feelings try to take on a life of their own and I start to lose sight of God’s open arms or of how much there is to be grateful for, I can remember today’s chuckle or smile or hug.
I think I can. Wait, I’m sure I can. Because I was Honored. I was Validated. I am Loved.