Gratitude at Thanksgiving

The last key to the last lock … is gratitude. Or wait, perhaps, it is the first key to the first lock.

Whichever way you look at it, I have found that this is the answer. And although I don’t ALWAYS remember immediately to “go to” a thankful state, as soon as I do all is right and good in the world.

Melody Beattie’s quote: “Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life…” says it perfectly.


And this weekend, after enjoying a bountiful day as well as spending time reflecting on Thanksgivings past, I say thank you for all of them. For the ones I remembered how blessed I am and the ones I forgot, for all the people at all the holiday meal tables, for every single moment of too much and not enough.

I especially honor mom’s super human ability to get it all done each year. I wish I had stood still more often while she was here to appreciate her efforts.

So thank you, thank you! To all the family & friends around all of the tables – as you have come and you have gone. Thank you to every single pie maker, potato masher, casserole baker, turkey carver, setter, clearer, washer and drier. You each have played a part in reminding me today just how full I am, even without any leftovers. I am grateful!