Hello New Year

Hello New Year! Hello fresh clean slate filled with possibility.

It’s a neat feeling to feel so pure, so unblemished as a brand new year begins. Hell, it’s already 8:30AM and I haven’t had any chocolate yet, or fried food, or carbs on top of carbs. Ok, well, I did have ice cream right after midnight, but I could never give that up anyway, so even if I was making a resolution that would not be it. So far this year, I have not cussed or struggled or made any mistakes. I haven’t had my feelings hurt or hurt anyone else’s. I have not said anything I regret or done anything I wish I hadn’t. I haven’t smoked any cigarettes or drank any alcohol. Granted, I haven’t smoked or drank in many years, but still, I haven’t this new year either. So cool. I remember watching the movie Bridget Jones Diary years ago and identifying as she changed her resolutions every hour on the hour after caving to whatever vice she had promised herself she would absolutely, positively, not do that year. That identification was a lifetime ago though, so long ago.

And so, I wonder what 2022 will bring, but even as I wonder, I know that there will be many blessings for those I love. I know that I will keep promises to myself and have a purposeful year. I know because I am manifesting these things right here, right now and will continue to do so all though the year. It’s exciting to have learned that the delivery lies in the believing. It’s exciting to understand that I have a choice in what I believe the year will be. I love that. So, bring it on. I am ready.

2 thoughts on “Hello New Year

  1. Well said!!! Hope you’ve had a wonderful Christmas with your Family, and will have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous 2022! Love ya♥️
    Will be in touch!

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