It’s All About YOUR Bass! YOUR Treble!

It’s all about that bass, about that bass…no treble…


Dang, I LOVE that Youtube video! I love watching the confident shakes and cocky smiles on Meghan Trainor and her video cast. I love the simple girliness and wish, wish, wish that more young women, heck any women, would feel comfortable enough to move like that.

I was watching it recently and wishing I could help to make a profound change in the way women in our society see themselves! Shortly afterwards, I was sent a blog post by email.

Over my years sponsoring women and “working a program” I have discovered that although they come into “the rooms” looking to stay sober a day at a time, there is so much more that they are really looking for. Most of them are searching for a way to love themselves. To own their “booty,” whatever size it is. And to learn that it really is all about getting to a place of being raw and confident and shaking it, no matter what its’ size the way Meghan Trainor does.  “It’s all about [their] bass!” Sometimes these women that come into my life are easy going. They show up ready and eager to take suggestions. In the fellowship we call it “willing to go to any length.” But more often they only “think” they are willing. And that’s where the opportunity comes in for me to grow with God.

The blog I read today was by one of these women. She is someone that I sponsored for a few years. In it, she wrote about a suggestion I had given her. It is one that I have given often over the years, to stand before the mirror every day and say, “You Go Girl!” As I read, I began thinking about all the women along the way that I have said that to. All the times I have chuckled over that advice and the gallons of coffee consumed while doing so at Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts. I thought about all the moments shared, some wonderful but many frustrating. And I felt grateful that through all of them I have been willing to offer whatever I had to give, even if sometimes it was simply the message of “You GO girl!”

In this blog, the woman owned that she really didn’t “like me” along the way. And as I read, I had a moment of grace, knowing that I was receiving a gift. It was so helpful, so unbelievably helpful to read her words, because I realized that I hadn’t been wrong. I had often felt that dislike in my gut, but hoped it wasn’t true, so I remained willing to be willing to help anyway. I continued working to love her until she could love herself, because it was what my heart told me to do. What had been done for me.

change the world

As I was reading her words, I was thinking of when I started this little blog a few years back and shared it with her. Now, reading the blog she has started, I realized that I had done my job. The one that God had asked me to do for her. And I felt a desire to watch the Youtube video again and shake my booty along with Meghan. And all I could think of as I did so was, “You GO girl!”

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