Stylish Woman

“Who is that woman over there, the one so put together?” “How does she do it?” “What’s her secret?” “Why do we notice her?” “What is it about her that makes her seem so comfortable in her skin? It’s simple. After years of trying to figure out what the latest fashion trends and “musts” were, she now makes her own fashion statement. She is herself. And part of that statement comes across with the first thing she puts on even before she opens up her closet door. The thing she wears each morning even before selecting her garb of choice for the day. Her fifty something smile, the one that knows that there are no fashion rules to follow because there are no “they” out there making them.

This smile is the one she wears each day that says “I am going to be comfortable both in what I wear and in how I feel because I decide I am.” The one that knows if she wears whatever she wears, with a “rock star attitude,” that she will pull it off beautifully and without breaking the bank on the latest Vogue must.

The smile that, as a necessary undergarment, reminds her of her daily decision to be grateful and happy with who she is and to be comfortable in her wonderful self. The one that radiates energy and then reflects back to her a confidence that she owns for herself before exuding it to others. The one that never goes out of style.

After the smile, the next thing she selects is her lingerie. Her choices are based on items that are fresh and crisp, not a loose thread or snag in sight. Always bright and clean, never shabby, slightly worn out or tattered, they are pristine, always soft, always silky and always sexy even if she will be the only one to notice that day (although her man often does too). She is dressing lovely for herself these days, first and foremost, and that’s what makes all the difference. Like the artist’s first coat over her primer smile this layer sets the tone for what will be worn above and its’ whispers of lace always put an extra bounce in her step. She has learned that this area of splurging is utterly worth it because these articles remind her of her perfect femininity in a world that seems to question its’ perfection. Because she cares about her comfort as a priority, she is unwilling to be distracted or annoyed by an uncomfortable clasp or too tight bodice just to look good, and the selection here each day is critical. But always there is silk or lace or satin, because it feels so delicious on her skin. It is a must for her these days.

The next choice depends on what’s up for the day. Is it work that beckons or play? A sporting event or the theater? A casual walk or a date for lunch or dinner? Her itinerary matters to select what is worn, but how she wears the selection matters even more. Today it will be a skirt. The hems offered in her closet are mostly mini since she’s got great calves and is not afraid to show them. She doesn’t believe in fashion rules based on age and knows that she will rock the navy Calvin Klein that she opts for today. Her blouse of choice is an antique white silk with tortoise buttons that will be great over her camisole. She selects a pair of low heels in navy and is more than OK with this decision. Since she admittedly always struggled in her six inch heels, they are now six feet under, replaced by a lower more comfortable option which still gives her a lift without rendering her off balance. To finish off her wardrobe for the day she picks a red wool shawl. It’s Bergdorffs’ label and she has them in every color as one of her signature staples.

The shawls remind her of her fashionista grandmother who showed that shawls are not just for little old ladies, because even at seventy three “she” had never, ever resembled a little old lady. “Keep your fashion statement simple,” her grandmother would say as she sprayed her Chanel No. 5. “Simple but classy,” like Coco Chanel. And after closing the closet door for today, our fifty something woman is ready. She reaches for her Chanel of choice from the vanity. It is No. 22, and with it she gives the room a spritz before walking through the mist. It’s off to have a day. A wonderful stylish and classy day. She is ready for it. Ready, willing and able and she never even looked through Vogue to find out what to wear. Maybe she should write to them and tell them about the smile.

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