Sitting with coffee this morning my thoughts go to “Purpose.” Taking small sips while allowing the word to be my mind’s focus I breathe, in slowly, out slowly.
The house in morning stillness, that awesome quiet wonder it sits in until it wakes after I wake, there is nothing on my mind but this seven letter word. And slowly, gradually, yet within seconds, I have come to a place within this place. A home within this home I sit in and I breathe.

Yes, this place of arrival is one I have been to before, but each day there is a necessary remembering to get back here. To this place of purpose, of fulfillment, of grace.


Breathing in and out still, the coffee mug in front of me now forgotten, lungs filling to capacity and then emptying slowly only to fill again, there is a sense of awe.

And I wonder: What can be done today? What can I DO? Why am I here? I mean HERE? Is there some piece of life’s puzzle that will come to me today? Some tiny mis-shapen solution that will fit so perfectly into the reason for all of it? At least for today? A sense of ‘“yes” I have found it’ that will come to me? I wonder. And as my shoulders move up and down with my breath there comes a knowing. “Yes,”

Sitting still and focusing on this simple word, within an instant I feel source energy pulsating through me. Inside of me. Ah, the wonder at the sudden realization that blood flows even now in the stillness around me, that it is traveling through my veins, working, awake inside of me. Heading instinctively to cells and organs on a mission, with a purpose.

And there is a sense that all of it is so important suddenly. That maybe I am important. That perhaps all of the work I can suddenly feel going on inside of me at this moment, right now to sustain me is important.

Remembering the cup in front of me I am brought back to my surroundings. And the house awakens. Taking a big gulp of morning’s elixir I open the laptop and check the thesaurus – “Purpose.”

Purpose: Reason, Point, Aim, Use, Goal, Objective, End, Resolve, Persistence, Perseverance, Target, Tenacity, Principle, Idea.

This seven letter word crossing my mind this morning has put my head a little higher, my shoulders back a little taller, my brow has unwrinkled just a bit, my heart feels full. Really. And for today I know there is a reason. I know that there is something that I can do, will do that will be part of it. Part of the plan that the universe knows and holds in trust. The puzzle piece will find its way, perhaps without my knowing. But it will be placed where it goes. It may be in the corner, or in the middle, but it will go in, because I have decided to work towards it.

I am grateful. I have a Purpose. For today.

1 thought on “PURPOSE!

  1. So happy to see you posting again! And what a beautiful post it is… Thanks for the reminder to be in ‘Purpose” today. xoxo

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